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Our Services

We are ready to serve any engineering phase within the project


Our Services


Front end engineering design (FEED) is critical to the long-term success or failure of the overall objectives of the plant project.  While the business plan identifies the economic opportunity, the Front End Design (FEED) will establish the set of process operating conditions and specify the equipment to achieve the level of reliability, efficiency, and safety required. Because this design phase sets the direction for the rest of the project, proper process specification is very crucial its success.

Tegma engineers have  the capability to deliver Pre-FEED as well as full FEED depending on clients’ requirements and needs. With the Pre-FEED work we typically provide our clients with complete basis for design especially where this is neither available nor properly done at the conceptual design stage.

Our service capability covers the entire project lifecycle, from identifying the opportunity to the operating phase. Our design and engineering services begin from the concept phase of the project and are fully tailored for projects in the Upstream Industry including Gas Oil Separation Plants (GOSP) & LPG/LNG facilities.


Detail Engineering Design (DED) is the essential bridge between the front end engineering design and construction phase of a project in order to convert the ideas into reality.

DED involves close coordination and synchronization among various disciplines of engineering, all in house resources for interactive and progressive manner. With having the DED, is vital to the owner flexibility time to execute the project. In TEGMA, we have a dedicated team of reliable and knowledgeable managers, engineers and designers who are able to provide the complete detail engineering design solution.

We adhere to relevant standards, specifications, procedures and relevant authorities.

Our Detail Engineering Design Package generally contains the following:
–        Process Engineering
–        Mechanical Engineering
–        Piping Engineering
–        Pipeline Engineering
–        Instrument Engineering
–        Electrical Engineering
–        Civil and Structural Engineering



Our commitment to your success includes planning and design—then continues until construction is complete. We serve as your dedicated representative during the construction phase, ensuring you avoid the many pitfalls that can compromise a project in its final stage. We develop the construction method to meet the client expectation and budgeting wise to achieved project schedule on time.